Picture the best player in your chosen sport… in any sport actually.


Imagine them working hard.


On the training field, kicking, passing, running, jumping, tackling.


In the gym, lifting weights, pushing sleds, throwing medicine balls.


Now picture them walking out of those sessions and hopping into their car and driving home immediately after their session finished… do you think that happens?


Of course not.


They spend time working to ensure that their body can repeat those same efforts again tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that… all in preparation for the game or tournament at the end of the week.


They stretch, self-massage and ice bath to allow them to reduce their soreness and fatigue that these sessions generate. Their nutrition choices and sleep habits also help to make this happen.


Why are you and your recovery sessions any different?


You continually work to become stronger, more powerful, faster and able to jump higher than the opposition just like the elite players, you’re always chasing that bit extra to be better, but you are probably neglecting the important factors of your training.


Don’t let yourself down by neglecting the 1% that can make you better.


It can start as simply as stretching for 10-mins after your sessions. Plan it into the session.


You're an athlete.  Time to Train like one.